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Welcome to the Endara Reclaims corporate portal.

The Endara Reclaim Industries maxim is a worthy challenge: to increase the quality of life for all sentients in this Galaxy. Our job is to ensure that all wreckage pollution that orbits planets - or ruins your backyard - is removed. Keen to promote sustainability we will use the reclaimed material to create useful products in turn. We'll turn old into new without exhausting mines nor precious natural resources. Here at Endara Reclaim Industries, we care about your children and your future!

Our state of the art recycling facilities come equipped with all of the latest technological innovations. We are able to make the most out of any wreckage and turn it into raw materials for you to use. The Endara Reclaim Industries of today is under the management of Romar Feren. With years of experience in management as a Commanding Officer in the Hapan Armed Forces, this dedicated spirit pledges to uphold the virtues of his predecessors and usher the company towards a new age. A home to ingenious members, Endara Reclaim Industries aims to be the most prominent of recycling factions.

Located in the Hapes Cluster, Endara Reclaim Industries is not far from the major core sectors. So don't just sit there and feel like "old wreckage", come by Endara Reclaim Industries where a new and exciting career is just around the corner!

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